On the happy occasion of its Golden Jubilee, it will be of interest to know the fascinating story of the process of Gupta Brothers, from humble beginnings to what it is today.

Way back in the year 1916 the late Sri V.J.Gupta, the former proprietor of the shop and the former of Parliament started this venture with a small capital. It was after all a small book shop, but its significance lay in the fact that in those good old days a book shop was a rarity and actually Visakhapatnam then had only a single book shop mentioning, owned by the late Sri B. Ramaih, commanding a monopoly of the book trade in this area. It really required courage and determination to enter the field of book trade in the face of such a big monopolist. Sri Gupta was undaunted and he pursed the trade in all earnestness and hope, thanks to the remarkable support, both moral and material, rendered to him by his affectionate brother, the late Sri V. Durgarao, former proprietor of V. R .C.Press , Visakhapatnam. As luck would have it, two years later an opportunity offered itself when a sister concern ,Messrs.Vani Book Depot, managed by Sri Kapila Ramaya ,who was also the manager of Mrs.A.V.N.collage , Visakhapatnam , having fallen on unfortunate days , Sri .Gupta was persuaded to take over and merge in the book shop , Gupta Brothers . Sri kapila Ramaya felt obliged and, with his cooperation, Gupta Brothers grew bigger –bigger in size and area of business. We take the opportunity to offer our sincere tribute to Sri.Kapila Ramaya for his help and assistance for nearly sixteen years, 1921 to 1934.May God spare him for many more years with good health and happiness

It was the year 1930 that Sri Gupta conceived the idea of starting a book binding section in addition . Full leather and marble binding of  books was novelty at the time and Sri Gupta may really be reckoned as having pioneered that branch of work in the town. Special machinery and work men were bought over to this place from Madras for the purpose and a book binding shop rose next door under the name “VIZIA BINDING WORKS”. It set an example and paved the way for starting similar binding works in the town bye other enterprising business men .

During period 1916 to 1930 efforts were made to improve the variety of trade . Agencies were obtained for Andhra Patrika , Swarajya (run by Andhra Kesari Prakasam )and Royal Typewriters .Agencies were also obtained for goods of Bengal Glass Works, Calcutta ,Otto Dilbahar scents, Scissors Cigarettes, Ganges Printing Inks, Swastik soaps, Special varieties of envelopes,pen,inks,pencils and table clocks used to be imported directly from foreign countries.

Sri Gupta, however, bestowed special care to improve the book and stationary sections of the shop. Within a short span of time he would obtain contracts for large supplies to Governmental and educational institutions. Had the unique privilege of obtaining sole agencies for English as well as Telugu text books for S.S.L.C. For the whole of the Andhra area and the other areas of the Madras Province for about six years since 1930. It even became necessary to open   the branch of the shop at 28, Audiappa Naick Street, Madras , for prompt distribution of  S.S.L.C. textbooks in that region.

Mention may also be made of the fact that the enterprise extended a warm hand of encouragement and assistance for publication of writing of new and promising writers. Several Telugu dramas, English detailed and non-detailed textbooks, some reference works, and some offered by the S.L.B.T. were published. It must, however, be admitted that not much progress could be made in the direction.

The Second World War had its impact and the shop had to be shifted to Vizianagaram in 1941 and the business run there for five years. Sweet are the uses of adversity, so it is said. It proved true, to us, for while it gave us great trouble it enriched our experience which we can never forget.

The renovation of the shop building was split into two, “Books” in the ground floor, and “stationary” in the first floor . “Books” is owned and managed by Sri Gopala Krishna Gupta,B. L.,Younger son of late Sri Gupta,and “Stationery” is owned and managed by the elder ,Sri Ramam Gupta.

That, in brief, is the fascinating story of the progress of this venture, from the small beginnings of 1916 to this happy day of the Golden Jubilee. Fifty years of steady and sustained progress in a venture like this is no mean achievement. The character, Zeal, and genuine endeavors of late Sri Gupta and members of his family have been mainly responsible for such achievement. At the same time, a venture like this could not have experienced such spectacular progress without the active cooperation and constant patronage of the public. We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all those who evinced interest in our progress and helped us in gaining moral and material strength.

We look forward to brighter and brighter days ahead, and we sincerely hope we will continue to command the goodwill and support of one and all .   


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