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  • DIARIES 2014

    Making Your Own History You may never aspire to be a famous writer, political figure or famous person of the sort, but it is possible that your personal journal could provide an insight on life one hundred years from now. Many people are not aware that historians seek the personal journals of individuals from the past. Journals provide us with a view of what a person felt and saw during this time period. Inbox Journal provides the everyday person with the ability to conveniently document their life one day at a time. You can easily schedule your entries and download them for safekeeping forever. Education through Diaries These unique accounts of historical diaries are yet another reason to keep a diary or journal. Although you may not be a famous writer, nor do you aspire to be one, but your journal may be an insight into life later on in history. Pepysi diary is an excellent example. He played no major role in history and was a simple businessman in the 1600s, yet his diary documented numerous events that changed London forever. His diary was one of the first diaries ever discovered. Trumanï as personal notes and comments give us a glimpse at the life of a president.

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